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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:27:25 -0600 From: Brian Subject: African Kid 7Disclaimer: This is fiction. Erotic fiction, dealing with sex between consenting adults. If your are under Eighteen and it is illegal in your state, or country you should leave this site now. Any names, places or events are strictly coincidental.Chapter 7 Five more black boys. Well I suppose I brought this on myself. I can't and won't leave these young guys on their own. It was I suppose partly my fault they are in this position. So I guess I would just have to do something. I really loved my three boys and would do anything for them. If that meant taking care of five more so be it."I'll see what I can do Onou.""Thank you Master." He whispered.I ruffled his hair as I left to think. Well accommodation wouldn't be a problem. I could Preteen Cuties just put them up at the Castle Inn. Went down stairs and climbed in my Rover and drove to the Airport. Met my lawyer and had him rent a car. I also rented a ten passenger Van and told the agency I would have someone Preteen Cuties pick it up. Platinum Amex cards opened lots of doors. I gave my lawyer instructions to get to the hospital and out to the Castle inn Resort. Went and checked on the Hudson General pilots. Made sure everything was covered and then went back to the hospital. I phoned the Police to make sure the boys weren't being held and then pulled Onou aside."Come on son. Need you to pick up a Van for the boys."Took him to the rental agency, they accepted his South African drivers license. Told him to drive back to the hospital and pick up the boys and take them home, well our temporary home. Told him we would worry about more clothes tomorrow. I called Darrel Macdonald and had him set up another cottage for the young boys from the resort. Just add it to my bill, I told him. Then went up to sign off on the resort. All I had to do was put my signature on the bill of sale and it was mine. We shook hands all around. I asked my lawyer if he could get an independent accountant here in Africa to go over the books. He told me it wouldn't be a problem. He left."Well John. I figure I should tell you my tentative plans for the Shipwreck Bay Resort.""Okay shoot.""Well first off, I plan on keeping all the ocean side cabins and even increase the number to include some one bedroom and even just single rooms with bed, kitchenette and bath. But. I am planning on razing the central lodge. It has some very bad memories for a few people and probably some very bad publicity. I will go over the new plans when I have them. For now I would like you, when your out of here to act as caretaker. My lawyer will have an accountant in to go over everything. I'm not going to be available for while as this court case gets underway.""Okay. I agree the old main building should go, but I have a lot of things there I really would like to save and maybe incorporate into any new building.""That won't be a problem. While I'm away, I would also appreciate it if you could keep an eye on the young men that were saved from the Supremist's.""That would be no problem at all Spence. I take it Preteen Cuties you have an interest in them?""Look John. I'll be honest. I love Onou, Devine and Steven. And they have told me they love me. I'm gay John. And they are too.""Spence. I knew that the first time you stayed at my resort. I believe in the idea that each man must choose his own way. I also know there are some very good looking African boys, however I'm not into boys. I loved my wife very much and although we couldn't have children, I would not have changed that for all the gold in South Africa.""Thanks John. Now I have to go find out what my three are up to."When I got to the lobby only Steven was there."Where's the Onou and Devine?""They both went to take the boys to the resort. I said I would wait for you.""How's the face feel without the bandages?""Fine Sir." He leered at me."Okay lets go. I'm going to get you some more clothes.""I'm okay with what you got me Sir.""Well I think you might want to wearing more when you see your mom.""But she is in Pretoria.""I know. Tomorrow you and the boys are going to Pretoria to pick her up.""What? What do you mean?""Steven. Tomorrow we are flying to Pretoria. We'll go to your moms and you can help her pack. Then we will bring her back with us."Steven broke down crying when what I said got through to him.HE looked at me and then just grabbed me and hugged me tight, right in the Hospital parking lot."Now I know why Onou and Devine love you so much. Now I love you too. You really are the most caring man I have ever met.""Okay son lets go before we get arrested." I laughed.He giggled.I took him to a similar store to the one in Cape Town. I let him pick out what he wanted. I saw he also picked bikini shorts, long cargo pants and some soft walking shoes. I threw in a couple of shirts and socks. I spent another few hundred getting him outfitted. After we drove back to the Castle Inn Resort.When we entered our cottage, neither Onou or Devine were there. I figured they were next door with the five other boys. Steven had started to undress."Hold it Steven. Lets go find out what the others are doing.""Yes Master."We walked over to the cottage the van was parked at. Before I could knock Onou opened the door."Hi Master. Was just going to check if you were back yet."Onou brought me inside and introduced me to the six boys. Four had African names, which I could never remember, two that I could were Saul and Peter. All the boys were dressed in either bikini shorts or cargo shorts."Master, Devine and I loaned them some of our clothes cause the coveralls were so hot.""That's okay Son. They all look fine. Did you get them something to eat?""Yes Master.""Okay. Sit sown son and I will tell you what's happening."After all the boys sat down either in a chair or on the floor I sat down in the only chair left open."Okay first, if you don't all ready know, Onou, Devine and Steven are for all intents and purposes my Sons and lovers. I know that Gooseman never paid you. When the accountant has gone over the books and figured out everything, I will make good on your lost wages. At that point you can do anything you wish. If you choose to leave, I will pay to get you anywhere you want to go. If, on the other hand you want to stay then I will hire you to work at the Ship Wreck Inn Resort. I own it now and I plan to totally rebuild the main building. The choice of course will be entirely up to each of you."One of the boys held up his hand."Yes.""Master. What would we be doing at the Resort?""You need not ever call me Master. I would prefer if you just called me Spence or Sir.""But Master. Onou and Devine call you Master and I think Steven does too. We know we can never pay you back for what you have done for us. We decided that we will do anything you want Master.""Well the first thing you can do is stop calling me Master. I hate that and only allow Onou, Devine and Steven to do it when we are alone."I looked at him and could see tears starting down his face. When I looked at the others they to were starting to tear up. Jesus Christ. How could I make these young men understand the way I felt. I put my head in my hands and just cried. I didn't want to own any man. And yet these five young men were offering just that. Fuck, fuck, fuck!I heard Onou talking in a rapid-fire language I couldn't understand.Onou came up and kneeled close to me."Master." He whispered."They have told me that they will never call you Master, unless they are alone and no one can hear them. Although they are not all gay, all of them are not virgins. Gooseman forced them to submit to him. But they know you only love me and Devine and Steven. But they will also willingly submit to you if you want. Master they want and I think also need to be part of your family."How do I respond to that?Before I could even speak all six young boys stood and stripped. In a blink of an eye they were all beside me, pulling up and pulling off my clothes. I tried to fight them off, but with the six it was almost impossible. I was pulled into one of the bedrooms and literally lifted onto the bed. One boy went down on my cock while two others were trying to lick my ass. They were running their tongues over every part of me, which got me very horny real fast. I was being literally smothered in love by the six boys. Peter pushed me flat on my back and mounted my hard cock, wiggling his ass onto my stiff member. Another was kissing my balls. I saw a very hard cock barely 2 inches from my mouth and without conscious thought Preteen Cuties just sucked it in. I could feel a tongue on my pucker and that just got me harder. Peter was bouncing up and down on my cock. I finally unloaded into Peter's ass and as he lifted off I felt another boy start to suck me. I tasted the sweat cum of the boys cock in Preteen Cuties my mouth. This really was heaven. No sooner than I sucked one off, another entered my mouth. As I started to suck him I felt a cock slowly entering me. WOW! What a rush. Every sense in my body was being overloaded. The orgy had have gone on for over two hours. I'm sure I either sucked or fucked most of the boys and had rimmed several of them and had been fucked by at least three. When they were all sated and I felt like a wet rag they just sat on the bed around me. I looked around at the boys. All had ear to ear grins on their faces. I was hooked. These young black boys were a stronger drug than any chemical substance known to man. I knew I would never ever get enough of them. I sat up on the edge of the bed. The six boys jumped off the bed and stood in a semi-circle in front of the bed. They all had a very unreadable expression on their faces. Two of the boys were still very hard. I signaled for one them to come closer."Did you get off Son?""No Master. But it is okay.""Not to me Son."I pulled him closer and sucked his cock into my mouth. He didn't take long, he blew a very nice sweet load into my mouth.I then sucked the other off too, as well as Onou, Devine and Steven."I think I'm full now." I smiled at them."Now what am I going to do with all of you? I have to confess that I really loved having all of you even if that is not what I had intended to do. I also know I won't be satisfied just having you once, but it is going to have to be with the permission of my three young lovers. I guess now that I have part of you inside me and you all have part of me inside you we are in reality joined together. So I guess we are all family now."They all smiled and then came one by one and kissed me. And I kissed them back."Well Onou, your going to have to adjust your schedule." I laughed."Yes Master."I got up and headed for the living room. Saw my clothes scattered across the room. Fuck it. Just sat down in one of the chairs. The boys all came out and sat down too, and just looked at me with so much love in their eyes it almost made me cry."Okay. Tomorrow, I am flying to Pretoria with Onou, Devine and Steven. I'll be back late in the afternoon. You boys will be on your own. So enjoy yourselves. There is a wonderful beach to walk and the water is nice to swim. You can all eat in the lodge or use room service. The following day we will all go to Clanwilliam to pick you up more clothes. Because you will all have money coming we can set accounts for you in my bank. Then you can use your own money for anything you wish. If you are all staying I will be putting you to work at the lodge. For now just general labor jobs."They all nodded."Okay, Onou why don't you order us some dinner. Enough for everyone. And don't forget some beer too."We ate dinner out on the deck. Everyone had on shorts or underwear. After dinner Onou, Devine and Steven went back with me to our cottage.Steven and I enjoyed a long hot shower. I knew Steven was sleeping with me tonight, I just hoped I could perform, after the afternoons orgy. I shouldn't have worried. We were both very hard long before the shower was finished. One thing I noted very early was that Steven, although almost three years younger than Onou was very much larger than Onou. His cock had to be nearly 11 inches and so big around I could hardly put my fingers around it. Getting fucked by this monster was going to be real interesting. I wasn't even sure I could get it in my mouth. But I was really going to try. WE dried off and kissed deeply in the bathroom. We never even noticed Onou and Devine as we walked to my bed room. I had barely sat down on the bed when Steven kneeled and started to suck my cock. He was very good and brought me close very fast. I stopped him and told him to lie down. I lifted his legs and dove down into his ass, sucking and licking his rosebud. As he started to moan he also started to ask me to fuck him."Fuck me Master, please Master, please."I thought for sure he had been fucked by Gooseman, so he wasn't a virgin. I found afterward it was his first time.I lined up my cock at his rosebud and pushed the head of my cock into him. His eyes snapped open Preteen Cuties and he groaned in pain. I held the head of my cock just inside his tight ass. I could feel his ass Preteen Cuties clinching and unclenching around my cock head. I slapped him hard on both ass cheeks. As his ass relaxed I drove all 8 inches all the way in him. He let out a short sharp scream of pain as my cock penetrated his tight hole. He clamped his mouth shut, but I could see tears on his face. Well he wanted it, so now he was going to get it. I started to pile drive his tight ass. Each thrust in brought more tears. I just didn't care. This is how I liked to fuck, as hard as I could. It didn't take long before I was ready to blow. I pushed in one last time and unloaded into his colon. God he was so tight my cock remained hard even after I came. I slumped over his body. Kissing him on the lips I tasted blood from where he had bit his lip. That just made my cock harder. I forced him over onto his knees, pushed his legs up until I was in a doggy position. Pushed his head down into the bed. Then started to fuck his ass again. I didn't hold anything back, pushing in as hard as I could and then almost out. He continued to groan in pain at my onslaught. It took almost an hour of pile driving him before I just held it deep in him and unloaded. My cock wilted and I slipped out of him. I rolled him onto his back, grabbed his hair and forced him onto my cock. He groaned in pleasure as he sucked my cock clean. I rolled beside him and gripped his cock and started to jack him.He laid on the bed half dazed from getting fucked so hard and for so long. I knelt over him and took his massive cock head into my mouth. It really stretched my mouth, it was so big."Your turn Love. Fuck me Steven."But instead of dropping down by my ass he rolled over and dropped his ass onto my face. I reached up, spread his cheeks and dove in with my tongue. Tasting his ass juices mixed with my cum and blood from my forced entry started to get me hard again. I wished my tongue was longer. He let me suck and rim him for about five minutes. Lifted up and forced his cock into my mouth. He just dropped his weight down on me forcing that massive cock deeper into my mouth and throat. He moved back and forth as he kept up pushing down. I could no longer breath and still he kept pushing it deeper. I was sure I was going to strangle on his cock. It seemed like hours as he forced it in. All at once he pulled out.I gasped for breath. He turned and looked at me."I should have told you Master that I had never had a cock in my ass before.""It would not have mattered Steven. In fact it might have been more painful. That is how I like to fuck.""I'm glad Master. I hope you like it the same way.""Fuck me you Black bastard. Lets see what you got boy."He looked at me with a very strange look, then lifted my legs to his shoulders, placed the head of his cock right on my rosebud and just pushed in. Now I was the one in real pain. He never even stopped once he had gained entry, just kept pushing all of him into me. The pain was so intense that I screamed loud and long. I was very surprised when a cock filled my mouth, stifling my screams. Now I had a cock fucking my face as one fucked my ass. Tears were streaming down my face as Steven started to pile drive my ass. Even with all the pain, there was also pleasure working through me. The pleasure increased as I felt a mouth on my cock. Still Steven kept his relentless assault on my ass. I couldn't help myself as my body started to meet his thrusts, pushing up. I tasted cum gushing into my mouth, which caused me to shoot my load. As my ass clinched on Steven's monster he too shot his load deep inside me. I hoped heaven was like this. A wash of pure unadulterated pleasure washed over me. Wow! I just slumped faint on the bed.When I regained some composer. All three of my boys were sitting on the bed."I'm sorry I said what I did Steven.""That's okay Master. I was going to be a little more gentle. But I knew you wanted it the same as you like to give. I'm sorry if I hurt you.""No Steven. I like it that way too. As hard as you want, anytime you want.""We knew that when Steven entered you Master that it would hurt a lot. So we decided we would help. Please forgive us Master." Onou said quietly."Nothing to forgive my loves. Now who is next to make love to me."For the next three hours it was a continuous fuck and suck session. At long last just Steven and I were alone. Steven was slowly fucking me as I wreathed in pleasure."I want to suck you off Steven, Don't blow inside please."Yes Master. I love you Master."Steven pulled out and I sucked him off, tasting multiple cum loads covering his cock. Then we rimmed each other, God how I loved the taste of these boys. We settled down together and went to sleep.When I awoke Steven was awake and looking at me. I just leaned closer and kissed him."I love you Steven.""I love you Master."After a quick shower we got ready to leave for Pretoria. I called the pilots to ready the plane. Went and said goodbye to the other boys and then headed for Clanwilliam. We stopped in Clanwilliam at a fast food place and got coffee and breakfast to go. When the boys got on the plane there were in total awe at the luxury. After we were in and closed up we took off. Three and a half hours later we landed at Pretoria. I got a limo and we headed for Steven's moms place. When we got there Steven showed us up to their apartment. I was astounded. It was no bigger than one of my walk in closets in my home in the US. She had us all sit down and quickly served us tea. Steven talked to her at length.My next surprise came when she turned to me."Why are you doing this for my Steven, Mr. Hamilton?" She said in perfect English.I looked into her very black and very piercing eyes."Because I love him.""Good, but if you love him why are you not feeding him good. He is so skinny. Come Steven help me now."She started to rattle off orders in her own language. Both Steven and Onou jumped up and started putting things in a bag and trunk she had. In no time she just got up and walked around the small apartment."Good. We can go now." She said to me.The boys carried her trunk and bag down to the limo. Her eyes got real big when she saw the car. I wondered what she would think of the jet waiting for us. I had picked up a few travel magazines at the airport when we landed and flipped through them as the limo took us back to the plane. I came across a picture Preteen Cuties of a Safari Lodge in Kenya. It was beautiful. Three stories high, but built in the African style. I envisioned it sitting on the beachfront of my Resort, but with a wing attached to both sides. Perfect. When we arrived at the plane and climbed out she was even more astounded."This is your plane Mr. Hamilton?""No Mamn. I just rented it.""You must be very rich Mr. Hamilton."I didn't comment, just helped her onto the plane, showed her how to fasten her seatbelt and then sat down. The boys loaded her luggage and then sat down and buckled up. Shortly we were back in the air heading for Clanwilliam. She sat most of way just looking out the window at the ground far below. We landed at about three in the afternoon and after loading her luggage in the Rover set off for the Castle Inn Resort.She looked over the town as we drove through, but made no comment. I called the Resort and had another cottage set up for her. Darrell commented at this rate I would have his whole place full.When we drove all six boys from their cabin rushed over and helped her with the bags. She talked to Steven and then just looked at me. Approval, or disapproval, I just didn't know. I left her and Steven and boys and headed for my cottage. Poured myself a drink and sat down at my computer. I emailed the Safari Place and asked if would mail the name of the designer. Then checked my other emails. Nothing of importance so just shut it down and went out to sit on the deck. I was had no sooner sat down when I was surrounded by all nine boys. Damn, they were all so good looking. I just shook my head and smiled at them.TBC
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